10 Surprising Recruitment Facts Every Staffing Firm Executive Should Know

Recruitment is changing through new technology and a new type of workforce.

As the workforce continues to change, so does how and who you recruit. We reviewed the CareerArc Future of Recruiting study and pulled out the most surprising and relevant statistics for staffing firm executives. Starting with…

1. 64% of job seekers said that they would be less likely to purchase goods and services from a company after a poor candidate experience.

A bad candidate experience can have an effect on your company’s sales. Companies like LinkedIn and Virgin Media have already taken steps to make sure that each candidate has a great experience when applying for a job at their company. What’s your candidate experience like? If you don’t know, you should definitely be asking and measuring it. Without feedback, it’s impossible to improve. In fact, Sense can make it super easy for you to measure candidate experience. Find out how we can help.

2. 55% of job seekers abandoned a job application after reading a bad review.

Before they even submit an application, candidates have made a decision about the reputation of your company. If you aren’t managing your brand reputation or responding to poor online reviews, you might be losing out on hiring the best candidates. If you have bad reviews online, the majority of candidates will abandon their job application before they even submit it. Sense has helped clients improve their online reputation and scores by over 30% within first 6 months.

3. 99% of employers believe that the company brand is important for attracting top talent. Yet, only 45% monitor or address negative reviews and comments on social media and review sites.

Companies know that their online brand and presence are important, yet only 55% address their online brand and negative comments. Ouch. It’s important to devote resources and time to managing negative online reviews and brand perceptions to make sure that you aren’t missing out on recruiting the best candidates.

4. 69% of job seekers think that the application response time needs significant improvement.

There’s always something that needs to be improved upon when it comes to the candidate experience, but one of the major complaints of candidates is that the application process is too slow. Candidates want to know in a timely manner whether you’ve received their application and whether or not they’ve been chosen for the job. Timely, consistent communication goes a long way to improving the candidate experience.

5. Before applying, 61% of candidates will look at a company’s online presence to assess the company brand and culture. This includes a company’s social media.

With a majority of candidates checking out your online presence and social media before applying to work at your company, crafting an online brand and managing your social media isn’t just about your customers, it’s also about recruiting the best potential candidates.

6. 71% of job seekers choose workplace flexibility as the most important benefit of retaining them as an employee. 58% chose health and wellness perks.

As the workforce changes and becomes more contingent, it’s more important than ever to offer a great candidate experience, a stellar contractor care program, workplace flexibility, and health benefits. What’s your staffing firm doing to stay ahead of the curve and take care of its employees and contractors?

7. 97% of employers plan to invest in improving their employer brand in 2017.

Yes! I support this completely. If you’re in the 3% who aren’t planning on improving your brand, you’re going to be left way behind the curve and have a difficult time recruiting new candidates, let alone high-quality candidates.

8. 79% of employers believe that social media marketing skills will be the most in-demand skill by 2020.

With more and more companies hiring on-demand, temporary workers, it’s important to make sure you know what skills will be desired by those companies. Don’t wait to begin screening for the most desired skills of the future. Start hiring contractors now who have these skills and you’ll find that companies are seeking out your staffing firm and wanting to work with your contractors over anyone else’s.

9. When it comes to recruitment technology, job seekers want to see more VR and job matching technology used, while employers want to see more gamification.

Staffing firms aren’t immune to the technological changes happening in the rest of the world. Using technology to improve and automate your communication with contractors and candidates is one of the ways in which you can implement AI right now. AI is no longer the future, it’s the present.

10. 70% of unemployed job seekers were offered outplacement services. Those job seekers said this improved their perception and relationship with their previous employer.

Take care of your contractors, it’s as simple as that. You can mitigate negative online comments by responding to them, but why wait? Be proactive. Take care of your contractors while they work for your staffing firm. Through your contractor care program, you can offer them benefits for career growth, resume writing, job training, and even how to find their next job when they leave your staffing firm. Care at this level will be sure to garner great online reviews.

As employers become more dependent upon temporary workers and technology integrates with the way we work, understand brands, and interact with one another, it’s imperative to keep up with the changes. Your staffing firm depends upon it. Which stats were the most surprising to you?

If you’re interested in improving your candidate experience and recruitment process, sign up for a demo of Sense today. Sense creates software that makes it easier to communicate with candidates, contractors, and measure satisfaction.

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