Author: Anil Dharni

Anil Dharni is the co-founder and CEO of Sense. He founded Sense to help fix temporary employment for the 42 percent of the U.S. workforce that are contingent workers. Before founding Sense, Anil received his MBA from MIT and was co-founder and COO at Funzio, which was acquired by GREE in 2012, where Anil continued his work as COO. Anil led Funzio’s seed round, raised $20 million in Series A funding, and arranged the sale to GREE.

What Do Contractors Really Want? Data-Driven Insights from LinkedIn

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of contractor candidates? Contractors – and job candidates in general – have changed over the last few years, with more and more wanting flexible work, perfect for the environment we’re creating. It can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. What do contractors …

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Almost 20% of Independent Workers Make Over $100k

MBO Partners recently released their State of Independence In America 2017 survey. Independent workers now make up 31 percent of the private U.S. workforce (up 2.8 percent from 2016), totalling almost 41 million independent workers. The survey also shows that a majority of independent workers are choosing to either join the independent workforce or remain …

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Why Temporary Workers Quit Assignments (And What You Can Do About It)

Staffing Industry Analysts recently reported in its Temporary Worker Survey 2017 that about 31 percent of temporary workers quit an assignment early. What’s more, we’ve found that up to 10 percent of consultants leave an assignment before they even start! SIA’s survey found that 25 percent of temporary associates who left early did so because …

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Avoid a Social Media Disaster by Designing a Great Candidate Experience

If a candidate has a poor experience while being recruited to your staffing firm, it can be bad for business. A negative candidate experience can harm a business’s reputation, cost the company money, and cause candidates to stop using that company’s product. According to Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research report from 2016, if a candidate has a negative …

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