Author: Pankaj Jindal

Pankaj Jindal is the co-founder and Head of Sales at Sense, and a staffing industry veteran. Before founding Sense, Pankaj spent 15 years running staffing companies, becoming an expert on candidate experience, recruiter productivity, redeployment, and understanding the day-to-day problems faced by recruiters. Pankaj used this practitioner’s knowledge to create Sense, which can help transform the consultant-care paradigm for staffing companies.

Prior to founding Sense, Pankaj was the CEO of Akraya, President of Aditi Technologies and Aditi Staffing, and completed the Advanced Management Education Program from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He routinely speaks at Industry Conferences on consultant engagement, employer branding and increasing retention.

Vaco Customer Interview - Contractor Engagement

How Vaco Reached a Record-Low 2.5% Turnover by Engaging with their Talent

A conversation with Jim Jhanda, Managing Partner, Vaco San Francisco Did you know that on average 31 percent of temporary workers quit mid-assignment? This April 2017 SIA survey delves deeper into why contractors quit, and it runs the gamut from what you already know of contractor engagement, including bad communication, a failure to set expectations, …

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Onboarding as a Competitive Advantage

How to Leverage Onboarding as a Competitive Advantage

A conversation with Lisa Hufford, CEO at Simplicity Consulting Onboarding talent is one of the major struggles facing the staffing industry. Twenty percent of contractor turnover happens in the first forty-five days of employment, which makes onboarding too important to be overlooked. Effective onboarding can foster great working relationships, shepherd clients to business success, and increase …

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Redefining Consultant Engagement Using Sense (VMSA Live ‘17)

I was so pleased to be able to talk about Sense on April 6th at VMSA Live. A big thank you to Geometric Results, Inc. for sponsoring the Tech Pavilion. It was a wonderful experience to learn about new innovative technologies in the human capital space. Sense has already transformed the engagement experience of scores …

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Top 4 Strategies for Dramatically Improving Your Redeployment Rates

Redeployment rates at staffing firms are notoriously low. In our research at Sense, we’ve found that staffing firms fail to redeploy anywhere from 70% to 90% of their talent. That’s not a typo. Seventy to ninety percent of contractors recruited by a staffing firm only complete a single contract. Improving your company’s redeployment rates is …

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The Power of Love: Contractor Engagement

The Power of Love: Contractor Engagement as a Competitive Advantage

Recently, I got to present a webinar, “The Power of Love: Contractor Engagement As a Competitive Advantage.” This webinar hits close to home and is a topic that I’m extremely passionate about. I’m so excited to share Sense and to be working with the staffing industry to improve contractor engagement. To retain great talent, companies …

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Are You Measuring Your Redeployment Rates? You Should Be

Do you know your staffing firm’s redeployment rate? If not, how can you know how a failure to redeploy talent affects your firm’s bottom line? And how do you know your true cost per hire? According to a 2014 industry survey, less than 6 percent of staffing firms even measure redeployment rates. Have no fear, …

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