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Contractor Care and Contractor Support

Aligning Contractor Support and Contractor Care

Looking at the words “care” and “support,” one might think they are the same. In actuality, they are two sides of the same coin—the contractor coin. By definition, “care” means “to look after and provide for the needs of” contractors, while “support” means “to give assistance to, enable to function or act.” Unfortunately, caring for …

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How WinterWyman Achieved a +80 Net Promoter Score

A conversation with Amy Finn, Director of Candidate Experience at WinterWyman As the Director of Candidate Experience at WinterWyman, Amy Finn is an expert at designing and maintaining innovative candidate experience programs. Her company recently received a +80 Net Promoter Score (NPS), measured using Sense, in an annual survey sent to active and placed candidates. …

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How An Inferior Candidate Experience Will Cost Your Business $4,700 Per Employee

Candidate experience matters. According to LinkedIn, nearly half of all U.S. employees would refuse to take a job at a company whose reputation they perceived negatively. Their report indicates that a bad reputation could cost your company an additional $4,723 per employee hired. Since the candidate experience—indeed, the impressions of every single person who comes …

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4 Questions Guaranteed to Transform Your Candidate Experience

Why Is Candidate Experience So Important? We hope you’re already asking yourself that question, but if you aren’t, we’ll tell you why you should be. Consider this example: Your company has 20 open positions to fill. For each of those positions, you may receive 50 applications, totalling 1,000 applications you must review and 900 rejections …

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The True Cost of a Bad Reputation

And how investing in a good consultant experience will save your staffing firm in the long term Creating and paying for a robust consultant care program can be expensive, but not having one can cost a company millions. According to research completed by LinkedIn, “the cost of a bad reputation for a company with 10,000 …

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Avoid a Social Media Disaster by Designing a Great Candidate Experience

If a candidate has a poor experience while being recruited to your staffing firm, it can be bad for business. A negative candidate experience can harm a business’s reputation, cost the company money, and cause candidates to stop using that company’s product. According to Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research report from 2016, if a candidate has a negative …

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