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Hard to Love: Why Scaling Contractor Care Isn’t Easy – Part 1, Human Connection

Every staffing leader knows that contractor care is crucial for key metrics like recruiting, retention and redeployment but, regardless of firm size, one inconvenient truth always gets in the way: scaling contractor care isn’t easy. In this article, the first in a three-part series, we will explore the reasons why contractor care is difficult to scale, and highlight solutions that the top staffing firms we work with have used to deliver exceptional contractor care at every step of the growth cycle.

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3 Ways to Justify Contractor Care to Your CEO

57% of recruiters say that their top challenge is the competition for great talent. When it comes to contractor care, every recruiter and account manager knows that a good experience can make the difference between hiring great talent and scraping the bottom of the barrel. Most CEOs and other executives are motivated by revenue, growth, …

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