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Top 4 Strategies for Dramatically Improving Your Redeployment Rates

Redeployment rates at staffing firms are notoriously low. In our research at Sense, we’ve found that staffing firms fail to redeploy anywhere from 70% to 90% of their talent. That’s not a typo. Seventy to ninety percent of contractors recruited by a staffing firm only complete a single contract. Improving your company’s redeployment rates is …

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Are You Measuring Your Redeployment Rates? You Should Be

Do you know your staffing firm’s redeployment rate? If not, how can you know how a failure to redeploy talent affects your firm’s bottom line? And how do you know your true cost per hire? According to a 2014 industry survey, less than 6 percent of staffing firms even measure redeployment rates. Have no fear, …

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